Territory and migration

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Migration is a phenomenon of all times and all continents. Whether migrants are driven out of their country for their ideas or are on the run for war and violence, famine, climate change,… time and time again they are refused entrance to other countries. That is the reason why they are not only subjected to the misery of life-threatening displacement, but they are also dumped in refugee camps, shelters for asylum seekers, ghettos, jungles…where their existence is reduced to a daily battle for survival. Often, they end up in inhospitable enclaves where only misery thrives, because all hope to engage in meaningful social relations or take control of their own lives is cut off. During this forum we not only wish to express our concern about the extremely vulnerable position in which refugees find themselves, but also propose initiatives that will them a perspective for the future.



Just like last year, we are proud to welcome the Tunisian human rights activist Ahmed Galai. Galai plays a prominent role in the Tunesian League for Human Rights, which received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015 as part of the National Dialogue Quartet. He continues his advocacy from 2018, striving for better relations between the countries around the Mediterranean and a more humane policy of the UN regarding war refugees. 

Chokri Ben Chikha – ARTIST

For years, Belgian theatre maker and artistic researcher Chokri Ben Chikha has been exploring the impact of our colonial past on our present society with his performance collective Action Zoo Humain. In the Beursschouwburg he will bring a performative reading in the company of an opera singer, a musician, a dancer and an anthropologist.

Zeineb Ameur – JOURNALIST, Piet Joostens – SCHRIJVER & Hosheng Ossi – AUTHOR

Author Piet Joostens will present Passa Porta’s  ICORN, an international network of cities that offer protection to authors and artists that risk prosecution in their home country. In this context, freelance journalist Zeineb Ameur (Tunisia) interviewed a Libyan philosopher who is currently residing undercover in Tunis.


Renowned Burkinabe choreographer Salia Sanou presents his project Hors Limites, for which he worked with a group of refugees in Ouagadougou and in Brussels. They explored how dance can become a language used for healing. Filmmakers Tristan Locus and Raffi Aghekian created a documentary about the workshop in Ouaga, which they will screen here for the first time. The Brussels part of the Hors Limites project? A mesmerizing live dance performance!