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On the last night of our festival, the Beursschouwburg will be filled with African rhythms! Singer Shama Bongo brings pop/soul in the Kikongo language, from her latest solo project Mosi. Otim Alpha started his musical career by brightening up Ancholi wedding parties in Ouganda, now he will brighten up our evening with his own electronic version of this traditional music. We’ll also swing into the early hours of the morning with the tropical bass and African electronics of Kampfire, a Ugandan author, producer and - last but not least - top talent behind the mix table!

Shama BONGO has been part of the Belgian music scene for over 20 years, participating in various projects as a singer (Askanyi, Karavan, The Black Slavics,...) and backing vocals (dEUS, Baloji, Fredy Massamba, ARNO, Mustii, ...). She has a personality that can’t be classified, with a strong, warm voice, and a generosity that runs right through you. She’ll use her experience with sound and music to take us through polyphonies, soul, pop… in both the kikongo and Lingala languages. This year, Shama Bongo also presents her solo project: Mosi (pronounced 'Mossi'), the number 1 in Kikongo. It’s the expression of the cultural plurality she brought with her when she left her motherland. She will share with us all the beauty and richness of the textures she collected through her travels, experiences and encounters with sound.

At weddings in Northern Uganda, special Acholi songs are played known as ‘Larakaraka’. Over a decade ago, Otim Alpha began collaborating with fellow wedding musician and producer Leo Palayeng to mix up Acholi music into a newer hyper-frenetic electronic version known as Acholitronix. They toured the style across East Africa, and became known to Nyege Nyege Tapes who showcased them at their festival, and released Otim’s hit collection ‘Gulu City Anthems’. The tape sold out within days, and later in 2017 Otim performed at Unsound Festival, earning him a live reputation that warranted festival director Mat Schultz’s Instagram post “Every European festival MUST book Otim Alpha!”

Kampire is a core member of Kampala’s Nyege Nyege collective. She’s one of East Africa’s most exciting young DJs, travelling outside Uganda to play festivals in Europe, UK, Burkina Faso and Democratic Republic Of Congo. Her sets of bass-heavy music are inspired by her upbringing in a mining town along Zambia’s copper belt, where she listened to Congolese music and African pop.