Human(art)istic Festival 2019 : caring about vulnerability

Festival 2019

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"We only fight for causes that we model ourselves and with which we burn ourselves by identifying ourselves.
René Char: Feuillets d’Hypnos, 63

Human(art)istic is an interdisciplinary and multimedia festival that tries to contribute to the development of a more humane society through a humanistic and artistic approach.

This edition will focus on initiatives that care about what is vulnerable; it will be the common thread throughout everything you can find on our program.

Vulnerability is innate to all humans. As physical and needy beings we depend on each other and should take care of one another. Vulnerability is a characteristic that we share with all living things and with our planet itself. In a world where the ecological threat is intensifying and inequalities are growing, it/ this vulnerability has become more relevant than ever.

With Human(art)istic we not only want to expose this vulnerability as the basic condition of life, but also to develop an attitude of care in ourselves and the public. Care that is not only limited to us and our immediate environment, but also extends to all people and species that walk this earth with us. In the end, it all comes down to the simple idea that we all live in the same world: a planet that can only be sustainable if we are willing to share it in solidarity with all other living beings. 

The ambition of Human(art)istic, however, is not only to raise people’s  awareness, but to create - through a series of forums and various forms of artistic and other expressions - practices that show the way to a more humane society. Through a free and cosmopolitan humanism, we seek to offer people the opportunity to shape their own existence and the society they live in.

Discover the program of Human(art)istic Festival 2019