About Human(art)istic

Human(art)istic 20/21

Festival for arts, science & philosophy

Human(art)istic is an interdisciplinary and multimedia project that aims to contribute to a more humane society, with a liberal-minded outset and artistic inspiration. Due to the current health measures, the 2020/2021 edition will consist of individual projects, which will be presented over a longer period of time. Although Human(art)istic does not take the form of a festival this year, we still want to offer opportunities to artists and thinkers to develop new productions and visions.

☞ UPCOMING : Red Oxygen (performance-installation + exhibition, 11/10 > 7/11/2020)

With Human(art)istic we want to offer a platform in the form of a multitude of artistic forms of expression that can create other thinking and living practices. Because each project forms its own community and audience, we do not focus on a specific target group. Through the experience of each performance, everyone is invited to reflect and participate in the dialogue on the influence of social and technological developments on our way of thinking and living. 


Mission statement 

Human(art)istic wants to be an open platform for thinkers, artists and the public and offer people a chance to connect and (re)orient themselves in an increasingly complex world. Within the contemporary community that we form together during an event or performance, we want to offer everyone the opportunity to participate and participate in the sharedexperiment in order to have the courage, in ever-changing times, to truly come to a critical, but also a reconciliatory dialogue.

By creating space for experimentation and in-depth research, we want to be a breeding ground for innovative, regenerative perspectives that break with rigid ways of thinking and living. We are convinced that both intellectual and aesthetic experience can lead to real change. In this way we not only emphasize the strength of the human being in a community, but also give the voice back to the human being as an individual.

Following the principles of liberal humanism (as an open and dynamic view of life), Human(art)istic Project tries to stimulate people to shape their own lives and the community they live in. Art and creativity promote the experimental capacity and make new ideas perceptible and public.


Jan Van den Brande
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Merel Thijs 
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Geraldine Vanspauwen
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